Inteligentní stroj na kontrolu prvního článku JD-FAI980S


Tato cena platí pro doručení do přístavu Shenzhen (EXW, FCA, CPT).

Vlastnosti výrobku

This device is an upgraded version of FAI980,
Equipped with dual screens and electric drawers, the fixing method of the drawer clamp has been changed to knob type.


Technické parametry

1. What industry is it suitable for?
Sample testing of SMT production workshops and circuit design processes in electronic factories.

2. What circuit board can be detected? What types of components are detected?
Solder paste board (printing solder paste and then pasting components), adhesive board (pasting double-sided adhesive and then pasting components), and red adhesive board (printing red adhesive and then pasting components).
Resistance, capacitance, etc. are measured using an LCR bridge.
IC and other screen printed components undergo optical automatic comparison detection (JD-FAI950 does not have this function).

3. What abnormal situations can detection cover?
Data class: BOM usage error, duplicate position, missing definition of XY coordinate, multiple definitions
Circuit board: excessive pasting, missing parts, incorrect parts, reverse, flip over, offset, rotation, etc

4. Can I test the circuit board after the furnace?
Not suitable. The circuit board that has passed the furnace may have inaccurate measurement of resistance and capacitance.

5. Do you need programming? Is programming complex? Can the program be reused?
It requires programming, importing BOM and coordinates, scanning PCBA, and is very simple, taking about 5 minutes.
The same model of product only requires one programming.
Understanding basic computer operations is sufficient, and we will arrange on-site training for engineers until they are taught.

6. Our BOM format is very messy, is the software compatible?
Please rest assured that this is our software’s strength, constantly imitated and never surpassed!
The software has powerful and flexible BOM parsing function, which can define different parsing rules for different customers’ BOM tables.

7. What format of reports can be exported?
You can export reports in Excel and PDF formats.

8. What specifications of PCBA boards can be supported?
The maximum supported size of PCBA is 420mm * 300mm.
PCB top: 28mm PCB bottom: 50mm
(JD-FAI950 not limited to PCBA size)